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A House on a Tilt and a Party Therein

Who doesn’t love a party? You get to make a lot of noise, trash someone’s house, and drink up all of their booze!

Okay, maybe that’s not the exactly correct way to do it, but parties have the potential to be a lot of fun! One thing I’ve noticed with parties is that if you’re going to be that guy who wants to jam out, you might as well make it worth everyone’s while and do your best to take the center of whatever “stage” is available.

Sometimes, we become the life of the show, and other times we just kind of chill in a random room but either way; we play our asses off and have a jolly time doing it! Arrggh!

…I seem to have pirated myself there… Anyhow, this is just a friendly little blurb letting you know that we like to party and we have the ability to play intimate acoustic sets as well as heavy rock sets!

Check out our song page and you’ll be able to guess which kinds of festivities are our favorites for performing! (^_^!!)

…Well in case you didn’t feel like clicking on the link; we’ve been compared to The Doors and The Cure. We build an emotional house with walls of noise and doorways of silence. We paint those walls with strange melodies and musings of uniqueness. We stand on a rhythmic foundation that is just a little imperfect, hence, the tilt. We are, The Time Framed. We would love to bring some of our musical friends along to perform at your next party!

Contact us for more details:

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