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The Mad One

Madness – noun
1. The state of being mad; insanity.
2. Senseless folly
3. Frenzy; rage
4. Intense excitement or enthusiasm [all definitions from]

“The Mad One” is the main character in the songs we write, and I thought it best to give a bit of a description of his character and the worlds he has created. He is a man among gods, an ascended fool with terrible luck, and the archetype that was always a mistake.

Think of our songs more like episodes in a comic book. In this series however, there is no truly ongoing story to follow, and the plot is so twisted and full of holes it does little more than continuously eat itself alive like the Ouroboros. Here and there you will find sections of music that have been composed with the intention of being a series. Yet if you play them out of order, it could possibly make more sense than the intended “chronological” order. This is what happens when a slightly dysfunctional person manages to attain a level of creative and destructive power on par with a progenitor consciousness.

“We, in this shared reality, often see madness as such a problematic thing that we forget to see the beauty in it. I dare not relinquish the madness for it is all that keeps me alive in this grey and dreary world so void of magic and wonder. Food helps too…” -The Mad One

Soon you’ll be able to find the stories that have relative association with the songs that are yet to be recorded (and some of those that already have been), and maybe you will be inspired to see the possibility hidden in nightmares and the wonder exposed in daydreams. If you too decide to scribble plots with abstract beginnings and non-definitive endings all over the padded walls of this simpleton society then I will salute you during my frequent par-takings in the drink of forgetfulness. I will praise you underneath the judgmental spotlights of stages tucked behind parapets of live bodies. And I will think of you when I dive head first into the illusion of self and let the egotistical smoke and mirrors I call “me” express themselves in contextual and hypothetical form.

“After the dust settles and my lesser selves have had their way, the only logical response that logic itself is to take is a long dread-filled slide one square deeper into checkmate; where not even a black hole can give it refuge.
…then again, I might do precisely that which I shouldn’t if only because I mustn’t and no one said that I couldn’t.” – Me, with pen in hand.

I am the scribbler of plots that make no sense, I am the composer of not quite strange enough, I am the Mad One.

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