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Beltrua, the place beyond time

In the last post I made a promise to explain the worlds that I have created, seeing as how it will be a focus for much of our music, and then I decided that I was running out of space as I was describing the rancorous absurdity that lies waiting within my cranium. Enough about me, let’s get back on track and take our first glimpse at the “Verse of Beltrua” scrawled onto the 3rd page of the Diary of a Madman. This is be the first of the 7 worlds.

“Beltrua is the circle of occurrences designed
Yet only possible within a lunar dance of five:
Paradox, miracles, life, death, and magic
This place has never, succumbed to Father Time

Opti burns bright, golden, and righteous
She is the dawn of miracles and of vigilance
Charmed by fools who give her their jewels
Opti will take oh so many a favorite

Tiemstra is paradox; royal, blue, and green
Her flames and trickery oft appear quite mean
But nay, give praise, in artistic ways… and
Tiemstra will sing blessings that be

Gaia is the colors of life in hidden in the wild
Where rivers run rampant and growth n’er mild
Coax flowers to bloom for protection from doom
Gaia must see you endure many-a-trial

Dymaer sends guidance from ghosts who reminisce
She whispers cold vengeance sealed with a kiss
Forgetting nothing, she favors fond memories
Dymaer will lead us through fog and abyss

Voxt holds in one hand the shifting silver key
To light, to love, to magic, and mystery
Answer her riddles, complete her puzzles… and
Voxt will show you unforeseen beauty”

…That’s a lovely little poem, but what does it MEAN!?

Well the names; Opti, Tiemstra, Gaia, Dymaer, and Voxt, are the creative mothers of the world, each goddess has a moon that takes on the physical manifestation of her relative role in the covenant. Much like a dryad, the spirits of these moon goddesses are not trapped within their celestial bodies and they frequently travel around and interact with people of the world. In contrast to dryads, these lunar spirits are so powerful that they can survive even if their physical body is destroyed but that hasn’t happened… yet.

One problem with comparing Beltrua to other realities is that its existence is outside all chronological dimensions; i.e. it doesn’t actually have a beginning time nor an end time, there are just cycles of life and death that continually repeat with degrees of variance to each. Very very very few souls get to live long enough to see any of these cycles to completion so I doubt my story writing will even graze the subject.

In one last thought: All Beltruan theology is subject to change because immortal women have a tendency to be rather fickle and even though I created them I can NOT tell them what to do.

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