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Ravos 5; a Global Metropolis

“They said it was daft to build a city in the ocean…” -Teikyas “the Lizard King”

And I still say it’s daft, but he did it! Teikyas, the leader of a technologically advanced group people calling themselves The Builders, created the Ravos project.

The intent of Ravos is a self sustaining, environmentally clean, and easily habitable city several miles under the sea.  The first city thrived, and because of its success The Builders decided to try their luck making living spaces in other equally dangerous environments with not quite the same success…

Some say it was a conspiracy, and that Teikyas himself had been looking for a way to conquer the world all along, however the mainstream viewpoint is that the land dwelling societies had become jealous of the submarine territories and decided to attack! This “Terran-Marine war” was extremely short lived and whether or not the land dwellers initiated any violence, they did not survive long.

The Builders unleashed an artificial monsoon that has been going on for centuries! The flooding destroyed everything that had been above water. There were many refugees, too many for the existing underwater city, so 2 plans were hatched; one of them, Ravos 4, failed miserably and the other Ravos 5 was a huge success. The details of failed (so it is presumed) projects 2 & 3 have never been discovered.

Ravos 5 became the solution to the two part problem of a never ending storm making non-aquatic habitation impossible and the over population in Ravos 1.

How did they do it?

The Builders sealed up, modified, and then integrated countless underwater caverns making Ravos 1 the central hub to a nearly global network underwater and under ground.

As time passed and technology advanced, the subterranean metropolis began invading the open seas and the name of the city became a reference to the entire planet. The original name was lost in ancient texts of mad scientists from bygone times.

Now Ravos 5 is the sunken world that has become home to one of the largest interstellar forces ever known. The Builders have taken claim of many other lands and it is said there are some of their ilk who have infected our own planet with their twisted spiritual knowledge and their systematic destruction of magic and wonder for the sake of technology and control.

Rumors are spreading that The Builders have found a way to revive Teikyus and in so doing they intend to create a golden age where they will rule all of the time and space indefinitely. The key to their plot is apparently some small anomaly hovering dangerously close to the black hole aptly named Abyss that is near the center of the galaxy.

…an unknown planet with five small moons.

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