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Of Gratitude

With the week of thanksgiving and holiday shopping frenzies now behind us, it only makes sense to actually post something relevant to reality. So here are a few things I am grateful for.

  1. Smiles on the faces of fans and strangers. It’s like Christmas in July with fresh muffins coming out of the oven. It’s so strange and wonderful you want to tap dance and cry at the same time. Giving the world something sing along to on a hard day, or a strangers a way to connect is what makes this all worth while.
  2. Music of every kind of popularity and listen-ability, let’s face it; if I didn’t get the chance to hear music that made me want to go deaf I wouldn’t enjoy the stuff that is actually making me go deaf nearly as much!
  3. Not having a car. Why? Florida seems to have some of the CRAZIEST drivers with a cane, coke bottle glasses that got lost somewhere in the backseat, and two many empty bottles of Viagra in glove box. And because I am one hell of a backseat driver!
  4. Numbers, sacred geometry, gematria, and word play. Music goes hand in hand with math and toe to toe with language, that being said I would have nothing to be passionate about if it were not for numbers, word play, and philosophy.
  5. Experiences that change you. You can interpret this how you like, good or bad, change is constant.
  6. Things that make you laugh uncontrollably. I have a dad’s sense of humor, so I am rarely the cause of this, but I have my moments and when I do, I milk it.
  7. The bands I’ve played in, the musicians I’ve played with, the venues I’ve experienced, and most importantly the kick ass rhythm section that makes up 2/3rd’s of the Time Framed!
  8. And last but not least: comfy pj’s and a safe place to call home.

    May you love with all of your heart, choose to be true to you no matter what that means, and hopefully bring a little more light onto this rock we call Earth.

    Many Blessings,

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