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A New Year

Hello again dear world! Jeremy here, I’m a little late posting about this, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The last year has taught us as a band quite a lot! We’ve learned about each other as members, our style, and most importantly we’ve set some very attainable goals for 2016 and beyond.

Here are 10 of our resolutions:

  1. Radio ready recordings! This pretty much speaks for itself. With Tommy banging away on drums, Kay keeping the grooves on bass, and me telling stories with the guitar (and my face!) there’s nothing to keep us having killer recordings for more fans to discover.
  2. Invest in more merch. I love wearing my hourglass logo shirt, and I want to share that feeling with more cool people like you! The Time Framed will have our logo on lighters, patches, guitar picks, stickers, & phone cases. If you have out of the box ideas for merchandise let us know with a comment.
  3. Make more friends and continue to do what we can to support our current friends! Friends and family support has been a huge blessing! We’ve also been lucky enough to positively impact friends of ours and that makes life so much better. If you have a cause or a benefit that is looking for bands to help support, contact us. Living life with purpose ties directly into why we are a band in the first place.
  4. Play all over Florida. This is something we’re well on our way to getting done this year. We have shows in the works for Orlando, Key West, Daytona, Naples, and Jacksonville. Obviously there are some other important places to play and just because a show is “in the works” doesn’t mean it will definitely get done but we’ll do our best to give people all over the sunshine state a chance to tune into some weird new rock and roll!
  5. Get on the air waves. Naturally the recordings have to come first BUT we’re intent on seeing ourselves on iTunes, Pandora, iHeart Radio, local Bay Area stations and anywhere else we can imagine.
  6. Clean up the website and social media then add more content. Youtube! Have you seen The Time Framed channel? Let’s just say it can use all the help it can get… That is a can of worms I wish I hadn’t opened up but there it is. It’s out there. You know and I know. Let’s move on before the stink gets us!
  7. Brand endorsements. The Time Framed would be happy to have sponsors and brands that feature us! After much consideration, we would definitely NOT be a good fit for a suicide hotline, nor a hookah lounge. As a side note: I tried playing songs The Time Framed performs at countless open mics when it was just me and a guitar… Hookah lounges are not the optimum venue.
  8. Music Video. The questions are endless: What band doesn’t want to make thought provoking imagery to become one with their music? What if there were different video stories to the same song? What if there was a whole album that was music videos? What if we put hidden code some in the videos? When can we start making this a reality? …I’ll stop there
  9. Songs for TV, video games, and movies! This is really my big deal. I’ve been a fan of video game music all of my life and the thought of Music is my Future as an intro to a cartoon or Bombshell Baby even if just in the trailer for a video game would pretty much make my life.
  10. And lastly, the unveiling of our mascot! But alas, in the words of my favorite cartoon character Xellos “that… is a secret”

May fate find us on shared paths and fortune favor the journey.

With love,

-The Time Framed

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