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Previous shows & Current thoughts

Current thoughts:
Cover the basics and donate to distant lands
Scribble & release. Set traps, go live, & leave digital breadcrumbs.
Optional prophets. Go fishing for doodles beneath twitching limbs.
Ten town trips. Southern hotels, socializing, and photo bombs.
Optional enlightenment. Swamp scenes stealing temperate tombs

September 2016
17th – Cory’s Grilled Cheese: [TF] This was our first show as an out of state band and also our first as an acoustic act! In the future we intend to do a better job of making sure we can all be there for shows especially out of state ones but this was a great experience and it’s always fun playing with Pinkerton and the Brinks. If you haven’t listened to them, I strongly suggest doing so. Other noteworthy bands were Doctor Primate and Trail-Mix! We hope to see them all again next time we venture beyond our sunshine state.
3rd – Sneaky’s Bar: [B] We opened for a mixed group of bands and musicians. The venue was a lot of fun and Ken (who booked everyone) did a superb job of putting acts of a congruent nature together! We got to meet Stranger than Fiction who will be playing a benefit show with us later on this year which was very rewarding. Notes to self: actually using the email list would be wise…

August 2016
28th – Anything Music: [B] This place is so cool! They have a projector with weird pictures taking up one wall and guitars hanging from the other. The owner plays violin and even hopped on stage to jam with us! Who knows, one day he might even do a whole set with us, that would be a lot of fun.
13th – The West End Trading Co: [O] So…after an impromptu hiatus due to personal health issues and miscommunication among other things, we finally got ourselves on stage again. It was glorious! Not a perfect set but definitely one of the better ones. Notes to self: enjoy at least part of an energy tea about an hour before the set and keep water in reach. A beer for me is ok but Kay has to wait until the show is over or she’ll get a bit too fatigued to play some of the more bass crazy songs. It’s good to be back and we’re super excited for the upcoming shows!

May 2016
?? – The Brass Mug: [J] We played a set that taught us the importance of showing up on time and of sound checking effectively. Then I drummed with my punk band… Say it ain’t so! Double booking myself was actually a lot more fun than I had imagined. This was actually one of the last shows with the punk project due to half the members moving more than half the state away and in Florida that actually counts for something. Also, bringing people for your 30 minute set and then taking off (which is essentially telling them to do the same) is rather upsetting for other bands. So if you are reading this and you play music live with other bands, stick around for a while and show the other bands that you are supportive.

April 2016
9th and 10th – Cancelled!!! Sorry guys we had a family emergency over the weekend and wound up not able to play these shows. There will be more shows in the near future and we want you to be there! This is a lesson in just how fragile life is and there’s nothing we would rather be doing than making the lives of the people around us better; be it through music, silliness, or just our caring presence.
7th – The Brass Mug: [B] Seriously an epic night, every band that played killed it! Matt Lash was a beautifully haunting start, then 42RDZ came out and put people on edge with their hardcore rap/rock! Of course we made a rocking show of it (^_^!!) Orion band brought the feels, Seek Well pretty much stole the show for the whole night and beat it to death with a skateboard! Catatonic Scripts rocked so hard people stopped playing pool to stare! Unbrokken took us on a thrashing tour of the 80’s and last but certainly not least Sister Kill Cycle took us to the weird and strange industrial realms of artists like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails! Truly a high quality show and great to see other artist perform at the kind of level we The Time Framed strive to attain as well. We really learned why we do this, why we want to perform better, and why live music matters that night.

March 2016
12th – West End: [B] We played our best show ever to one of our best friends and the people that worked at the bar! Might as well enjoy it right?? In other news, getting to know the bands that perform before you might help you have a crowd when you play last if you’re from out of town. Might not though, out of the 3 acts I talked with, none stayed. (@_@??)

February 2016
24th – Neptune Louge Secret House Party: [J] (^_^!!!!!!!!!) we went punk rock with Pinkerton & the Brinks, and Richard Strater. Sometimes, it turns out that you’re just not a good fit for a venue and an impromptu party at a friend’s house is a waaaaay better environment! Maybe we should play for more parties? Also, we begin recording so soon I’m starting to have trouble sleeping due to the excitement!

13th – Daytona’s Main Street Live: [B] We played at two venues  (o_O!!) with a little over an hour in between sets. Fingerless gloves and more space between sets are good ideas, but overall it was a great time and we learned a lot about who likes our music and what songs are our strongest! Also we got to see Mr. Never and Scars play again (^_^!!)

11th – Neptune Lounge: [B] Every band has a night or ten where they play in front of nobody… Tonight we defied the odds with 1 friend showing up to watch us play! We’ll need to bring more people around if we want to play here again though. Might be a good idea to get a fan-bus and just pick up random rockers. (@_@!?) On second thought, “abduction” is frowned upon…

January 2016
24th – Orpheum: [A] Love this venue, definitely need to practice setting up and breaking down since we took a little longer than I would have liked and lost a little bit of our set time in the process. (//_v) On the bright side, we rocked out and people enjoyed listening to us play! (^_^!!)

9th – The Goat House: [B] This was a solid set, we had fun being the last band to play. Note to self, don’t try to memorize band names on the fly. (*_*!?) Do that during practice before the set.

December 2015
19th – Quaker Steak and Lube: [B] Did another battle of the bands (x_x…) things didn’t go as planned but we managed to have an ok time getting it over with and have learned more about who we are and what is and what isn’t acceptable to us. Also, our bands shirts are cool,in fact they are so cool that people across the country are wearing them!

November 2015
28th – Orpheum: [G] Our first battle! (Drum rollll….) we lost. (//_v) What did we learn? Popularity is very important when it comes to playing these kinds of things. Promoting shows early works great, having more people interested in seeing us play is better! Tommy is truly what we were looking for in a drummer (^_^!!) we sound good (yet weird) and soon we’ll get to record some tracks!

14th – Deland Original Music Festival: [B] We came in better prepared to not destroy the backing tracks and did fairly well (*_*!!) even better yet, this random guy we offered to help with breaking down his set took some pictures of us and offered to drum for us! Despite the fact that he lives nearly 3 hours away, I want to give him a chance.

3rd – The Goat House: [B] Our second time ever playing. Note to self: Do not let Jeremy play guitar near the power supply for the backing tracks! Also #getadrummer! Despite my personal (yet unintentional) wrecking ball of the show Kay just kept playing with a smile on her face as we watched people shuffle outside to wait for the next band to play… Practicing the setup as well as how we plan to play live will truly be of use to us.

September 2015
24th – Orpheum: [A] As a two piece band, Kay and I have been working on some rough recordings to get things started and to hopefully make getting a drummer up to speed on our all original set list a little easier. So we managed to get a set at my favorite venue (^_^<3) and Kay has already achieved her goal of playing there! Not to mention we saw some pretty amazing bands! Overall people are impressed by our persistence and excited to see what happens when we have a drummer. I will take that as a compliment. ❤

May fate find us on shared paths and fortune favor the journey.

With love,

-The Time Framed

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