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Sumi-sumi & Sumi-sol

If you haven’t heard Bombshell Baby, give it a listen and then read this because today I am going to throw some spoilers out there!

Sumi-sumi and Sumi-sol are twin flames, locked in love, confined to conflict, and divided through dreams yet as a whole they are one entity: The Mad One… Me. (^_^!!) In modern terms the twins would be classified as the anima and animus, the inner/outer opposites.

Ever go into something knowing it’s a bad idea? That’s pretty much the overt gist of Bombshell Baby. The twins are one entity with separate angles of the overall sea of consciousness that is the mad one. What are they charging into headfirst? The fourth wall.

The twins are wanting to end the battle between each other, stop the love/hate paradox, and return to the state of oneness that haunts their minds and leaves their hearts empty. For the rest of the reality they exist in, it means a complete destruction of the illusion of separation. Could be a pleasant connection to everything or it could be cataclysmic in such a way that every particle of reality goes into an overwhelm of experiencing all that ever was, all that ever is, and all that ever will be to 100% saturation.

Needless to say, cataclysm scares people, so the majority of the characters in my multiverse that are aware of the twins and their intent are putting everything they have into stopping the rash duo, and that feeling of fighting everyone from all sides is what I was after with Bombshell Baby.

Sumi-sumi & Sumi-Sol will show up quite a bit in our music in an affectionately conflicting manner (sitcom much?) so keep and ear out for them!

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