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The Rules of Love and War

Jeremy here again and in truth there are none, but we as civilized people like to create modes of conduct for damn near everything and sometimes these lines end up thick yet blurry.

I know what you’re thinking “oh great! Another musician with an opinion on the internet…” and yes to an extent that is what this post is about however I am not going to talk about the generic concepts of love and war as we like to think, because in this life we don’t all command physical armies and we damn sure don’t get a rule book for love considering how we can barely seem to agree on what “love” really is. So please, baby don’t hurt me no more. Maybe have a dawk chawclate, and curl up in ya bed spwead while you read my rambling?

So, if I’m not talking about the love & war between people, what am I talking about? I’m actually ranting about the exact things that brought our band as a trio together. I talk plenty enough about the weird lands in my head (and the songs they’ve inspired) but today I’m going to come down to Earth.

Let’s start with war. Dealing with anxiety is a war. We all have our chosen means of combating it and some of us choose more conventional means than others. You have chemicals that seem to always end in a painful victory, that “victory” can lead to a new war, one against addiction. How do you fight a foe that is also your best weapon? Shouldn’t the enemy of my enemy be my friend? Life isn’t always so easy is it… We also have spiritual weapons, of all the weapons available this is the one I am most fond of. However, this too can be a double edged sword and in my life it is better used in a personal space.

Fear is another thing we must battle, and any person knows this. For artists, putting your creations on display for the critique of the entire world can be scary. To most people that exhibition is intrinsic to the very meaning of being an artist. To others art is a private matter and only the privileged may experience it. In today’s world the concept of the starving artist has driven many people in the arts to seek fortune and fame with unrelenting drive. Many are motivated by that fear of being starved and never getting to share their creations with others.

The best way to fight the fear is with love. Love your creations, love the people who help them come to life, and if you’re willing to share it, love the people who enjoy your creations. Going to war against fear is rough especially in the beginning because you have to accept that it is not helping you and confront it. You will probably have battles that you lose and you have to be ok with that. Knowing that people enjoy our performances is huge for us. We are truly grateful for everyone who comes to see us!

This brings me back to the anxiety and addiction. Our members are fighting against them even as I type this and The Time Framed is the mother of all weapons in our war. I truly love my band mates and they mean the world to me. Their fights are my fights and if it weren’t for them I’m not entirely certain I could even make it through some of the trials of life that are pretty standard in today’s world. Love for the band, for the music, and the people who support us keeps me going and I know the same is true for Kay and Tommy.

The more people I talk to about it, the more it seems like many of us are praying for the end of days, like we keep asking “how does it get any worse?”, and I for one would like to pose the question: how does it get any better? I use every tool at my disposal to tackle my weaknesses, flaws, as well as those of my friends and family.

I encourage everyone to treat the things that are toxic in their life as enemies. Be it an abusive person, a drug (e.g. alcohol) that’s become as important if not more important than family, depression, anxiety, unemployment, doubt, fear, or anything else. Know that you can fight to win, you might have to go all in with a wooden spoon and frying pan, and that’s alright. Wonderful experiences are available. Keep your weapons closer than your enemies and your amazing story will be a contribution to others. Just as I’ve seen my story save lives, you can too.

With love, joy, grace and glory,


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