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The Sadness of Summer’s End – part I


It’s Jeremy again and since numerous talented (and mediocre) artists have created works about that weird feeling you get as the freedoms and joys of summer slowly begin to explode into a sarcastic array of color that is autumn, I decided to just blog about it a little bit.

Kay has been working diligently on our top secret project and it got me to thinking about how there are ever so many things that are involved with being a successful musician in today’s world that it makes me wonder what my life would be like if I had began asking more questions and had been more willing to learn sooner?

Questions like these leave me with those feels that you get when you realize that you’re experiencing pretty much the last moments of awesome before the drudgery comes back to life. The last days of summer, the end of your honey moon, the last night of fair, or whatever you relate to.

I’m not exactly sure why the thoughts of what my life path would be like if I did some imaginary action that took me more or less down a parallel time line but earlier in life give me these types of feels but I have a suspicion that I began having these kinds of thoughts as a response to the last weeks of summer before school started again. Now ironically, the thoughts have moved to being a catalyst for the feelings instead of the result.

So obviously I’ve learned a lot since picking up my guitar at the age of 15. Here are some key points that I will write more in depth blogs about later that have become the layer of melancholy on an otherwise normal day: story telling, willingness to learn, persistence, curiosity, and kindness.

That’s right, real life musicianship is a lot like a table top role playing game!

…To be continued!


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