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Resolutions 2016 – 12

Another Jeremy blog! This is my list of habits I resolve to create at the end of this year and into the next one. I won’t go into more detail about what was so silly or weird or messed up about 2016. Especially since I did that in the last blog to some extent…

Here we go!

1 – I resolve to do things to the best of my ability the first time. Needing second chances and waiting until the last minute to think about things is really not the way to do it. Opportunity favors those who prepare and now that we’ve gotten to see how things can go outside the intended spectrum it’ll be that much easier to be prepared.

2 – I am willing to handle things from the gun instead of “getting back to it later” with few exceptions. I’ve come to see that I am the kind of person who if given the ability to procrastinate just won’t get around to doing the thing at all! Kind of one of those I’ll do it in five minutes from now and five minutes from now is always five minutes away kind of scenarios… That being said, sometimes I can’t do things right then and there so I won’t beat myself up if I form a habit that I also break from time to time.

3 – I will be a better son. As the only child of a single mother, I can think of plenty of things to do better this year as a token of my gratitude for everything my mom has done to support me well into my “adult” years. By my count, I’ll be a grown-ass man in February!

4 – I resolve to learn, relearn, experiment, and use what I learn. As a musician I am technically self taught. However, the truth is that I have allowed every person I meet, watch, and/or listen to teach me something. Every moment is a learning experience if you decide to use it as such. I’m a cognitive learner, meaning my conscious mind has to understand in order for me to be able to do it. Long before I could read music, I was writing out symbols and shapes to help me remember what melodies to play in what order for songs that are now like childhood friends who come over to visit from time to time.

5 – I am making it my mission to communicate regularly by writing a blog, sending out an email, and/or posting a video with consistency. As in the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, a fast rabbit who takes a nap after his amazing dash will take longer to finish his race than the steady and well prepared tortoise! Instead of posting a million things at once and wearing myself out, I will spread it all out, put things out here on the interwebs consistently and often without going into overwhelm.

6 -Record! Record! Record! I can’t even describe how many practices and jams were filled with great ideas that have recessed into the sands of time due to forgetfulness and not giving myself any way see/hear the magic again. Not to mention different things we’ve done at shows that have gotten great reactions from the audience!!

7 – I resolve to have a more professional live setup with more merchandise, lights/fog machines for the stage, performance planning, recording devices (see item 06), backing tracks for the songs that need them, and better gear where our current items leave us wanting.

8 – I am writing out a quantifiable list of goals with set dates and sticking to them. Goals really can be accomplished! I recently stumbled upon an old goal list from before The Time Framed had a drummer and it turns out that we as a band have done nearly everything I was after. A few things were kind of miffed and I know now what we can do to succeed where we failed in the past.

9 – Actively collaborate! Doing music with random people is so much fun, and it gives me the kind of freedom I intentionally take away from The Time Framed so that we are a little easier to identify, especially while we are fairly unknown… If you are a musician and reading this, call me out! Email our band at and send me whatever it is you want me to tweak.

10 – I hereby resolve to live, laugh, and love with enthusiasm and exuberance! At this point, I too am doing things I’m not particularly fond of to keep a roof over my head and food on the table, however! There are solutions available and I will seek them out with a smile on my face! I know that life is temporary and having great experiences is worth a little discomfort. Not to mention I might have a little magic working in my favor… Who knows?

What are your resolutions for the coming year? How long until you think you’ll give up on them? I think most of mine will stick around all year. That being said, the ones that do drop off would probably do so around march or so.

Thank you for reading. Remember to like and share the video for bombshell baby!
See you in a whole new year. Jeremy

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