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What is that weird symbol anyways?

Hello intellectual readers of The Time Framed band blog! Jeremy is resurfacing again to give you a little bit of insight on our logo: a rune called “Voxt”

For those of us who aren’t into sigil magic or the elder runes; Voxt is something of my own imagination and it is loosely based on a magical entity in my series of short stories that is still being written. So don’t worry, we’re not casting evil magics with our logo… That being said, our emblem does carry some meaning to me and to the rest of our band as well.

The shape is based on a simple brush-stroke version of an hour glass; once Britt and I had agreed on the band name being The Time Framed, I knew it had to take on that shape in some kind of way and was originally thinking of depicting it sideways to express our desire to be timeless.

It seems like we were destined to be in the right place at the right time and make all of the right mistakes because I drew up probably twenty different versions of an hour glass before deciding to try and make something out of the initials of the band. Once that happened, it wasn’t long before t-shirts, stickers, and all sorts of pictures had our newly adopted symbol on them! ***Shameless T-shirt Plug Alert *** YOU can buy a brand new T-shirt from The Time Framed here:

We’ll hang out and take selfies with you (#_#!!) it’s easy! Just buy a shirt and use shiny objects to attract my ADHD at our next show!

Speaking of self-prescribed mental conditions; wasn’t I writing a blog? Maybe I should be getting back to the meaning of our runic inspired logo…

My definition of music is that it is the art of noise expressed through time. Thinking in that way, the recording of a song is just a manner (see expensive…) of framing music. That’s where the band name comes from.

We like to think of ourselves as becoming one with the little time stamps that our songs express whether that is live or in the studio. As individuals we can play great music, but as a band we create something bigger and better than any of the separate pieces. To me, a part of playing music is hitting the right notes at the right time, creating harmony and/or discord as a direct result of the will. In so doing, you are making yourself and the world around you connected on energetic levels exclusive to the present space and time.

So I take all of those thoughts and put them together when I consider the meaning of the logo: connection to my band mates, to the audience, the venue… even helping my body and mind get connected on a deeper level. The connection is a means to feeling timeless, experiencing an epiphany, and/or the euphoria of rocking out!

According to Britt, our logo is the gateway to the world of music, as well as one of many keys to healing and peace. When we started this band I began teaching her how to play bass and less than a year later (closer to six months actually) we played our first live show! She has made remarkable progress on her instrument and in her personal journey of self realization beyond being a survivor of abuse. I am very proud of her.

Bob has more enthusiasm for music than most normal people have for bacon! Through our music he is expanding his percussive proficiency at an exceptional rate. Based on our conversations, the Voxt rune has taken on the role of limit breaker for Bob; symbolizing his penchant for making impossible acceleration appear to be as mundane as the first few pedals on a bicycle. Also, Bob reminds me on an almost daily basis that there is nothing like our music anywhere. Ever. Always. (note- Bob likes to exaggerate a little)

I just had a great conversation with Andrew (our violin player) earlier today but I didn’t remember to ask him about his thoughts on what the band means to him and whether or not he has made any connection to the logo yet… My guess would be that the logo is the mark of a great challenge; there are little nuances in my approach to song writing and stage performance that tend to ask people to do things they probably wouldn’t do otherwise. Andrew is the kind of person who gets a real kick out of that.

If you haven’t heard him play, I strongly suggest giving his You Tube channel a couple of views:

All you have to gain is a good time.

In closing: whether you want to look at things in micro or macro, you are significant and you are that new thing that has never been discovered under the sun. We all are. We are all special little snowflakes with some significant impact to the realities we exist within. I hope you rise above the challenges that face you and find yourself to be the right person, at the right place, in the right time on once or twice occasions.

Many Blessings,

PS – I encourage you to contact us! If you have us on social media, you know that we like to get silly sometimes and that we’re just people who do music. (@_@!!)

pps. Bob here, it is also the symbol for multiply and divide mathematically speaking.                 (V) (‘w’) (V)

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