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The Power of Gratitude


Ok. So this is a generally generic concept on an otherwise unorthodox blog so please bare with me (Jeremy) for a minute here.

I am the king of wizardry in my little social circle and since other people don’t seem to mind my interests in magic and the occult I get to just enjoy watching the way the world works as I continue to seek my own form of self realization.

That being said, I look at the energies we express to be a direct source of the energy we receive. The cool thing is that our energy is dynamic, so for instance in a video game; you won’t find a wizard who can tap into rage as a source of mana. It is assumed that s/he can already use mana however s/he wants and because the archetypal path of a magical adept involves cryptic research, complex action, and perilous conditions they seem to all have a sense of emotional self control if not complete emptiness that would be incapable of the boundless rage of say The Hulk. In this life though, even the most stoic of unfeeling mathematicians will blow a gasket under the right circumstances. Annoyance received will become an angry outburst. An inquisitive teenager with a guitar will become a musician.

So how does that relate to the power of gratitude you ask?

I’m happy to tell you that a willingness to receive (that is: a gratitude mindset) is much like creating the vacuum of an unanswered question. Nature will seek to fill up the space in the same manner that people will at least attempt to answer a question, whether the actual completion of solving the question or filling the vacuum is possible doesn’t actually matter.

As a sort of field test, I want you to try and find 1 thing to be grateful for in relation to 3 things: what’s usually on your mind at the beginning of your day, what are you pondering in the middle of your day, and (you guessed it) where does your mind go at night?

The thing I first think about when I wake up is whatever I was dreaming about until that point and how much I remember. Dreams have been a huge contribution to the song writing and even some of the aspects of our live show. I am eternally grateful for the inspiration I regularly receive from my dreams as well as the emotional understanding I gain and spiritual guidance I find in my nightmares.

In the middle of the day, I’m thinking about the love of my life and generally things that need my attention. A glistening aura of rainbow colored gratitude flows through every once of  my being for everything that my girlfriend is, all the wonderful stuff she does for me, and all the opportunities I get to reciprocate that in my own way. I am also grateful that every slump of laziness and every phase of overstretching myself  leads me closer to finding the perfect balance of action and rest, that all my works be completed and all my spare time be bountiful.

My final thoughts of the day have a habit of keeping me up all night sometimes. This part of my day will vary from internet worm holes through conspiracies and complicated existential philosophy to song writing sessions and brainstorming for merch ideas. I have a deep gratitude for the internet (YES! Internet Equality!) especially since much of my knowledge of music theory was attained from the digital realms. I am grateful for the conspiracies and the philosophies too as they are extremely entertaining and great fuel for my noisy fire! My gratitude for the writing sessions and the brainstorming is as intense as the power buildups in Dragon Ball Z! YAAAAAAAAaaaa…….

Also, because Thanksgiving just ended a few hours ago; I am grateful to have a loving family, a place to call home, the best band mates I could have possibly asked for, great friends, supportive fans, and incredible readers like you!

Thanks for your time, we wish you many blessings during this for holiday season and many more for later.


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