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A Liter of Silence

Hey! It’s Jeremy, it’s been a while since I’ve written something other than random poetry because I sometimes find myself coming off a little too basic for my own tastes. You know the deal; a guy in a band that’s doing pretty good is probably going to focus on those great things and that elated feeling. At the same time, a guy in a band that’s way too damn obscure (hi! *waves*) will probably talk about how much it sucks to play to an empty venue.

Speaking of cliches, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one (or ten) of the millions of them that exist relating to musicians. There’s the starving artist, the sellout, the drummer with a 1,000 side projects (because everyone needs a drummer but there’s some kind of societal limit on how many can exist and perform out in the world at one time), and that ass-hat who brings an acoustic guitar to every gathering he gets invited to.

I’m pretty sure I’m that guy at least twice a month.

On that point though, silence is not my strong suite. I like to talk- wait, let me stop understating for a bit: I F@!#ING LOVE TALKING ABOUT MY BAND!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

So with that being said, every time we have exciting things coming down the line I rush out to tell people about it. It’s a mental thing really. If I don’t show people that I love my band, then how much do I?

Integrity is extremely important to me (the appearance of integrity is nearly as important) but sometimes silence is necessary too. I’ve come to realize that people don’t want things they already have until those things get taken away.

If you like to drink alcohol, you’ve probably gotten to the point where enough was most definitely enough. For me, that point is rarely after I finish the drink I’m on, it’s usually a couple drinks into the one I shouldn’t have bought.

Being forced to not talk about my goals, dreams, and plans for The Time Framed is like a big bottle of too much. Since it’s best to not get into those details, I want you to know that we are growing and we are making efforts to get better in every way. Constructive criticism (hint: we’re not getting a new vocalist) is greatly appreciated and is typically received with an open mind. 2018 will see the release of more music, new videos/songs on YouTube, and some new live aspects as well!

May you find yourself, with plenty of time left to enjoy being you.
– Jeremy

P.S. – It would mean a lot if you followed us on youtube and shared our song Inverted Timelines around (*hint*) here’s the link:

Thank you!

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