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A State of Overwhelm

Hi everyone, it’s Jeremy. I haven’t posted in a while and the title of this particular blog might be an allusion to the myriad of excuses I could use as reasons why.

However, I’ve come to realize that the angle you take on a particular venture of the mind will shape the whole of the equation in every direction. With that in mind, I’d like to reflect on some things that have already happened and do my best to express the gratitude I have for the support we’ve received as a band and different pairs of shoes that life has given me a mile to walk in.

Starting more recently; we played one of our most high energy sets to date at a small venue in Daytona called Cinematique just yesterday. It’s set up like a one screen movie theater in the back with a concession area in the front. The people there are very friendly and the overall environment was great! The thing that really made this night great was the fact that there wasn’t a focus on one particular band or artist over the others. This was essentially a networking event between bands that had one or two mutual contacts. We all showcased some of our best songs and exchanged encouraging words between sets which is pretty normal for members of the underground scene but tonight was more than just a show and tell…

One of my favorite people in all of Florida happened to be hosting the event. In fairness, this gentleman has an air of leadership and responsibility about him that is common in grandparents who take on the friends of their kin as extensions of their own family. I know him by his name, but we all call him Papa Ned. You might have guessed already that hosting events is right up his alley. He is the old sage behind some friends of ours who are blossoming into impressive rockers; The Ned.

If you’ve even been to the Deland Music Festival or Daytonapalooza, then you’ve probably seen Papa Ned doing his thing. He loves to introduce the acts before they perform, run sound, thank them for their time and presence after the set, as well as get the audience’s awareness of merchandise and how to keep up with the performer(s) later. His words are always kind and encouraging.

I’m notorious for talking at people, Papa Ned kinda talks into you.

Going back to the special nature of the event, Papa Ned’s focus for the night was getting us musicians together and forming more of a family style bond so we can all benefit. There are so many little pockets of music scenes everywhere, but sometimes you end up with local movements that get so much drive that they end up shaping a generation and creating building blocks for many more to come!

Every artist in the room last night has the potential to get that kind of drive going, but we’re stronger as a family than as individual units. I know that The Time Framed is going take the world by storm. I want that storm to hit with so many other bands and musicians that I actually keep a spreadsheet on bands that we’ve seen, where they’re from and how they made me feel!

Now that I’ve been in the Tampa scene a little while, I’ve gotten to be amazed by bands and then heart broken at the announcement of their resigning on numerous occasions. With pain comes knowledge.

I know now more than ever that even the tiniest bit of support can royally change all of reality for the people who make music. At the end of the day that’s what every musician is; a person. We all want to be loved, receive recognition, and live in our own way. Playing a show to nobody hurts. Playing a show to two strangers who swoon over you will stick with you even when you’ve played to a thousand people.

Speaking of swooning over bands, there are quite a few on my list of heart throbs but, I found myself in a unique situation with one of them just this past weekend. You may know it, or maybe you don’t know it, but either way I am a bit of a dream witch. My dreams are full of prophecy, symbolism, and intense experiences. Most of my writing (lyrical, musical, and otherwise) has been influenced by my dreams because they are so impactful to who I am. Recently, I have had a reoccurring dream about a Tampa band that I really truly enjoy.

The members are nice people, their songs are moving, and they are very talented. Their band is called Alpha Decay. Without spending too much time talking about the dream, it was a documentary on Alpha Decay’s new music video series (which doesn’t exist… yet!) with some live shoots from shows leading up to the release of the film. The dream was so important to my soul that I had to tell them about it. I had to tell them that they had moved me so much that my subconscious mind created a reality where they made their own documentary and I have seen it multiple times!

Naturally I messaged them on Facebook and they seemed to have gotten good feels from it. That gushing, fanboi energy isn’t comfortable for me but it was my turn to be that and I am grateful to have given good feels even if it made me uncomfortable to do so.

A week or so prior to that, a person I hadn’t spoken to in a year messaged TTF on Facebook to tell us that he still had a lighter we’d given him at a show and he wanted to direct his friends on how to find our music and merch online! We thanked him and sent him links to everything with a new outlook on how things were going.

Before that was January. We had just played at our biggest venue yet and sold the most tickets we’ve ever sold! Despite the high of that night’s success, there was nothing but uncertainty ahead; we wanted more shows but were feeling like the black sheep of the local scene (because we’re weird and hard to label) and had no clue how we were going to keep reaching out to different parts of the area to continue to grow. Certain live things elements were giving us a hard time and everywhere we looked was someone trying to convince us that we needed to conform to some mold or another in order to get people to support our band and our cause.

Then we suddenly filled up the rest of the month, got February setup pretty strong, and a couple dates in march. We recorded a song (to be released later), and actually got the ball rolling on merch we’d been wanting for far too long! Now we’re planning a tour in August, doing ground work for a music video, making connections to start invading the Orlando rock scene, and gushing with good feels about who we are and what we’re doing.

So to every person who goes to shows, buys merchandise, shares songs, and/or takes a chance on telling musicians how much they mean to you and your life: thank you. You matter so much and you make this wild path of self expression more rewarding than I have words to express.

Your enthusiasm puts me into a state of overwhelm and it’s glorious.

Thank you so very much! Many blessings.

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