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Getting Back Up

Hey! It’s Jeremy.

I’m sorry that its been a while since I last wrote anything on here. To be honest it’s felt like a slippery slope downward at the same time as a slow climb upward. Some things are going in exactly the direction we’re after as a band. Other things are kind of falling by the way side.

The Time Framed as whole are getting better live and in the studio and we’re reaching more and more people with our music! Our message against domestic violence is getting out there too. The fact that we’re introverted people who don’t get outside much is only a minor hindrance.

Its only when you consider our medium and our style in comparison to the culture of the times that you begin to see that we might have gotten started a little too late. Music itself is a battle ground where social and religious ideals are championed for the pleasure or disdain of the listeners. We are all aware that even musical genres or styles have subtle statements to make. Sometimes you lose an audience just because your style as whole is speaking the wrong language.

Right now we’re seeing hip hop move to an area that rock already knows “if this sounds new and different then I can assume it blows” its so subtle how mentalities change and we find ourselves looking at the same things from different angles. Already, I’m seeing renewed interest in other genres of music. House and dub step with the drama of classical concertos is all the more common. But people as a whole are looking back at what was great before. We’re looking at the things our parents, grandparents, and history teachers loved.

There was a time when the unheard and unexpected and suspenseful was what drew us in. This is something that we as artists live for: our time to shine. I believe that the next rock revival is well on its way. I pray for it to be spearheaded by a group like us. Maybe we’ll end up finding our home at the edge of technology as new musical mediums are created and we discover a means to incorporate that into what we do. It would be epic to master a means of bridging the gaps between people who otherwise wouldn’t meet.

At the end of the day, even a sliver of hope is enough to fight for. Do not accept defeat and it will not accept you. Know who you are and be true to you in your totality.

Thank you very much for reading.

With love,


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