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Category: Inspired Ranting

What is in a name?

As I’ve mentioned before, you all know that I’m a domestic violence survivor. I’ve talked quite a bit about some of the more intense situations but I figured this might be a good time to bring up something we’ve seen … Continue Reading What is in a name?

A first look at Realm

Jeremy here again with another inspired rant about the imaginary places that invade my dreams and find themselves being expressed in song. Realm is a favorite of mine as it is full of war and interesting occurrences. I originally created it … Continue Reading A first look at Realm

The Mad One

Madness – noun 1. The state of being mad; insanity. 2. Senseless folly 3. Frenzy; rage 4. Intense excitement or enthusiasm [all definitions from] “The Mad One” is the main character in the songs we write, and I thought … Continue Reading The Mad One